The Trouble With Henry and Zoe by Andy Jones


Henry and Zoe have more in common than they realise. For a start, they both have pasts they’d rather leave behind.
After jilting his childhood sweetheart on the eve of their wedding, Henry makes a break for London. He has no friends, no job, no home, no plan.
Zoe has great friends, two jobs, a new house, and a big scary plan. After a traumatic, life-changing event, she plans to leave London and spend a year travelling. Alone.
If Henry and Zoe had met one year ago, things might have worked out differently. But that s not the way life works. They meet seven months after their worlds have been turned upside down. And four months before Zoe is due to climb on a plane…


I thoroughly enjoyed Andy Jones’ debut novel “The Two Of Us” when U read it last year, so obviously his next release was hotly anticipated. The synopsis was intriguing especially how I would feel about Henry after he jilts his fiancée at the altar.
This book switches between both Zoe and Henry’s point of view, and once again Andy has the perfect way of getting to know them so well. Their good points, their insecurities and their flaws. They’re both great characters and I really enjoyed reading about them.
One of the places the book was often set was the pub where Zoe worked part-time as a second job. This place really stood out to me, while it was described as a dive by Zoe, from the description of the place to Zoe’s boss, this place came alive in my mind I could picture it so well. When Zoe and Henry got to know each other over a few games of scrabble, they were some of the cutest and my most favourite scenes in the book.
I mentioned earlier that I was unsure how I would feel about Henry after ditching his fiancée at the altar, as it’s a really mean thing to do. Sure some relationships aren’t right, and obviously marriage is a big commitment, but it was sad that Henry thought he knew what April would have said, so he saw what he did as the best option, rather than talking to April, at least in the hours leading up to the wedding. It’s all to easy to think you know how someone will react, especially if you are close to them, I’ve been guilty of it in the past, and more often than not, I’ve been wrong.
Despite what Henry done, I really really liked Henry (more so after meeting April – I understand why she’s upset, and rightfully so, but I could rant about how much I didn’t like her, but can’t because of spoilers). He was funny, genuine and incredibly flawed, but that made him feel all the more real. Nobody is perfect, and to see Henry make mistakes actually endeared me to him, despite them clearly being the wrong choices. A lot of men in books are almost god-like in their manner, but it was refreshing to read someone who was far from it.
Another thing that got me onto his side was his mother, oh my god. She needs to remember who her child is, yes she loved April ‘like a daughter’ but there was no need to have a go at Henry about this fact as much as she did and make Henry not only feel worse about what he did, but the way she talked, I would have felt completely unloved. Obviously Henry knows his mum better than I do, and every family has their quirks and so this was probably what she was like, but from the outside it was sad to read at times.
Zoe is definitely more complex than I thought she would be, her inner monologue was a surprising reaction to the event which turns her life upside down. There is no right or wrong way to feel in this situation, but in the past when this sort of event is happening, the initial reaction you read about is one that is expected, but Zoe’s is a different take on it, and it was interesting to read about not only herself feeling this way, but also the conflict within her, as she can’t reveal what she is feeling to other people without feeling guilty or ashamed, so keeps it all in.
This book is another great look into the minds of two people that are far from perfect (as we all are)  and how they cope with their own and each other’s issues while they get to know one another and where they fit into each other’s lives. It’s a charming book with a few moments that makes you laugh and even more moments that pull on your heart-strings. One that you will want to continue long after finishing the last page
Published by: Simon & Schuster
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