Pokemon Indigo League Read-Them-All-thon Final Report!

The read-a-thon is over and I’ve successfully read all the 8 books I set out to and evolved my Dratini into it’s final evolution! I’ve recapped all the books I’ve read since August 14th. If you’ve participated in the read-a-thon, how did you get on? Also Thanks Aentee at Read At Midnight for hosting to read-a-thon.
1. Pewter Gym – Boulder Badge: The First Book In A Series
The Little Wedding Shop by the Sea: Cupcakes and Confetti by Jane Linfoot
CP Earned:73
This book was a such cute read – my review can be found here.
2. Cerulean Gym – Cascade Badge: A Book That Might Make You Cry
Falling by Julie Cohen
CP Earned:80
My first book by Julie Cohen and it won’t be my last – Review is here.
casualvacancy ifiwasyourgirl
3. Vermillion Gym – Thunder Badge: A Book With Thunderous Hype
The Casual Vacancy by J. K. Rowling
CP Earned:90
This was a change from the plan, but I really enjoyed it- Review is posted here.
4. Celadon Gym – Rainbow Badge: A Book That Focuses on Diversity
If I Was Your Girl by Meredith RussoCP Earnt:68
Loved this book, was such a good choice for this readathon.
thethingswedoforlove lifeyouleft
5. Fuchsia Gym – Soul Badge: A Book With A Great Romance
The Life You Left by Alice Peterson
CP Earnt:57
Another change to the planned read and it was such a beautiful story.
6. Saffron Gym – Marsh Badge: A Book With Fantasy/Supenatural Elements
The Life You Left by Carmel Harrington
CP Earnt:
This book was really good once I got into it, not what I thought it would be, but in a good way!
regulars Flawed-cover
7. Cinnabar Gym – Flame Badge: A Book With A Red Cover
The Regulars by Georgia ClarkeCP Earnt:80
Oh my god, this book was exactly what I hoped it would be. I’ve reviewed it here.
8. Viridian Gym – Earth Badge: A Book With Post-Apocalyptic Setting
Flawed by Cecelia Ahern
CP Earnt:73
Loved this dystopian, my review has been published here.<
So with all the CP from reading, reviews and tweets, I have earned 693 CP making my final evolution into Dragonair. This read-a-thon has been pretty fantastic for me – hence I’m doing a running monthly challenge based loosely on this, so thanks again Aentee at Read At Midnight

Pokémon Indigo League Read-A-Thon

I’ve been wanting to take part in a Read-A-Thon for a while now. I couldn’t find the right one and then I spotted the Pokémon Indigo League Read-A-Thon. All thanks to April from Aprillius Maximus on Youtube talking about her TBR. So I thought I would take part, as I have loved Pokémon since I got Pokémon Blue years ago.
It is hosted by Aentee at Read At Midnight, so thank you for hosting and coming up with a  great idea, also she created the fabulous image above.. Make sure to find out more information on the Sign-Up post here.
The Read-A-Thon lasts three weeks from 14th August to 4th September. The challenge is to collect all 8 gym badges from the Pokémon gyms. It took a long time to choose which books to read  for each gym (and I have back ups for several of them) so here is the books I have selected for my TBR.
My chosen Pokémon to level up is the ever cute, Dratini.