Summer at the Star and Sixpence by Holly Hepburn


When sisters Sam and Nessie left the city lights to take over The Star and Sixpence pub in Little Monkham, little did they realise they’d be taking on the villagers too…
Thrown in at the deep end with a wedding to organise at the same time as launching their new hotel rooms, the last thing they need is Sam’s past catching up with them.
As the scandal strikes, the only question is will the villagers stick their necks out for two relative newcomers? Or will Franny, the terrifying postmistress, see them gone for good…


In the last six months or so I have read and enjoyed ‘Snowdrops At The Star and Sixpence‘ and also enjoyed the short story ‘Valentines Day At The Star and Sixpence‘ (which is currently free!), so was mega excited to read the physical copy of the novella I received at the Spring blogger event I attended in March hosted by Books and the City, it is possibly the cutest book I’ve seen due to its size and also the cover is, as the others in the series, very pretty with the summery season showing and the beautiful birds.
The writing is as engaging as Holly’s other works. Capturing both the beauty of the village and surrounding areas but also capturing the characters of the Village residents as well.
While in ‘Snowdrops At The Star and Sixpence‘ I felt more connected too Nessie due to Sam’s mystery, this novella concentrates more on Sam so I got to know her lots more, therefore she became more endearing and less harsh than I had previously found her. Any misgivings I had about Sam was completely unfounded (she wasn’t in trouble with loan sharks which was my initial guess from book 1 – don’t know why I thought that, Sherlock Holmes I am not).
I absolutely adored the Star Wars part of the book, and I sympathise with Sam completely as while I have watched some films (and loved loved loved episode 7), I haven’t seen all of them the whole way through. So I completely got Sam in that moment. However her interactions with Joss and Nessie was really funny.
The whole pub quiz aspect with the competition between teams and homework sessions was really funny, since Franny was involved (and obviously in charge) this is no surprise. Many scenes where Franny is determined can be counted on as top entertainment in these books.
Owen and Nessie grown closer in parts of this book, yet at times they seem further away than ever thanks to some poor timing. I am definitely all Sam and Kathryn’s side, Owen and Nessie are one of those couples that belong together, no matter the obstacles. That is definitely something to look forward to in the future autumn and Christmas instalments.
Once again I love Holly’s writing, ensuring that I’m begging for more. A perfect short read for afternoon in the sun.
Published by: Simon & Schuster
Gratefully received from the Publisher for review
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