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I loved the first book in this series, and was so over the moon to be given the chance to be part of this blog tour, so thank you so much Cara at Mira/Harlequin. Check out the poster at the bottom to check out the other fantastic bloggers posts!



True love can be hard to find. Even when it’s been right under your nose all along…
After witnessing the fallout of her parent’s divorce, love has never been a priority for garden designer Frankie Cole. The only man in her life is her friend Matt–but that’s strictly platonic. If only she found it easier to ignore the way he makes her heart race…
Matt Walker has loved Frankie for years but, has always played it cool. Until he uncovers new depths to the girl he’s known forever, and doesn’t want to wait a moment longer.
Matt knows Frankie has secrets and has buried them deep, but can he persuade her to kiss him under the Manhattan sunset?


As per the first book in this series ‘Sleepless in Manhattan’ (now known as ‘Sleepless’), this cover is incredibly beautiful. I have to admit as much as I adore the cover of ‘Sleepless’, this one edges it for my favourite, for one special reason. That reason being it stars a bridge which is very similar to one in Central park which is set to be my wedding ceremony venue. I’ve added a picture of it so you can all awe in it’s beauty (or not). Anyway, obviously this holds a special place in my heart, so obviously this cover wins, even if it is less pink.
After reading ‘Sleepless’ earlier this year, I was eagerly awaiting the follow up books and we are treated with the second book less than 6 months later, so I was hoping for another wonderful treat from Sarah Morgan. New York is spectacularly described, which I wouldn’t expect any less after reading ‘’Sleepless’. It adds to my own memories and emotions I connect with my favourite place on Earth. I also loved the section focused on where they grew up, Puffin Island. I’ve not read any of Sarah’s books that are based there but this was a charming introduction and I really want to read those books soon to get to know it better.
‘Sunset in Central Park’ focuses on Frankie and her life. We quickly understand that she is very guarded, she hates weddings because all relationships are doomed to failure. For Frankie it’s a case of relationships ‘will’ end, not a ‘might’. ‘As long as we both shall live’ is merely a fairytale constructed by the romantics in life. I found this incredibly sad, and in a few moments frustrating.
I know Frankie was hurt by her past, especially her parents relationship, it clearly affected her a great deal so therefore closed herself off to people and was pessimistic about all things love. It was just so sad to see someone so despondent about love.
The frustration comes in when she denies her growing feelings for Matt. You could tell he was a great guy even in the first book, this book just expands that warm feeling. He’s sensitive, kind and caring. You can tell that if he was in a relationship he was completely focused and committed and wouldn’t mess around or hurt you. This time with Frankie it wasn’t Matt she thought would doom the relationship, it was Frankie herself that would mess things up, and being a tad bit stubborn, she refused to believe otherwise. I realise it was due to her past issues. Matt dealt with this wonderfully, he took charge, and changed pace when needed, he was very sweet.
It was also great seeing her friends help her especially Eva. The scene where Frankie helps Eva after realising Eva had been crying was beautiful, they are polar opposites when it comes to romance, but seeing their strong friendship bond really help each other was a wonderful thing to read.
Once again we are treated to a great story that is wonderfully romantic, gives you smiles and warm fuzzy feelings, and since we get to know Eva a little better leave me asking for more, meaning book #3 is on my highly anticipated releases – is next month in time for my birthday too soon?
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Released 14th July 2016
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SarahMorganAuthor bio:
Sarah Morgan writes warm contemporary women’s fiction with her trademark humour which has gained her fans across the globe. Sarah lives near London with her husband and children, and when she isn’t reading or writing she loves being outdoors, preferably on holiday so she can forget the house needs tidying. You can visit Sarah online at, on Facebook at and on Twitter @SarahMorgan_

Don’t You Cry by Mary Kubica


In downtown Chicago, a young woman named Esther Vaughan disappears from her apartment without a trace. A haunting letter addressed to My Dearest is found among her possessions, leaving her friend and roommate Quinn Collins to wonder where Esther is and whether or not she’s the person Quinn thought she knew.
Meanwhile, in a small Michigan harbour town an hour outside Chicago, a mysterious woman appears in the quiet coffee shop where 18 year old Alex Gallo works as a dishwasher. He is immediately drawn to her charm and beauty, but what starts as an innocent crush quickly spirals into something far more dark and sinister.
As Quinn searches for answers about Esther, and Alex is drawn further under the stranger’s spell, Mary Kubica takes readers on a taut and twisted rollercoaster ride that builds to a stunning conclusion.
Will Anna find the life she wants to lead, with the man of her dreams or will this house sitting job be her last? 


Whilst I have both of Mary Kubica’s previous novels sitting on my kindle, I have yet to read them. Story of my life, I know. I love this kind of book, so couldn’t wait to delve in.
Straight away the writing  was descriptive and while it was slow paced for the first 40%, I think this book benefitted from it while the mystery and confusion was built. It completely drew me in, enrapturing my attention so I was concentrating on every single detail.
This book is shown in two different perspectives, Alex and Quinn. However they don’t know each other and live in different towns, so there was always something in the back of my mind wondering the connection. Both characters were really interesting to get to know.
Quinn was really relatable to me as we’re similar in age. While trying to solve the mystery surrounding the sudden disappearance of her roommate Esther, she went through a broad spectrum of emotions, and one scene on a bus got tenser and tenser where I found myself almost holding my breathe. I loved with how she teamed up with Ben, a welcome addition to the book, not only giving Quinn a sounding board and someone to talk to, but giving her a different side to her than just the slightly slobby-turned detective roommate.
Alex was a different kettle of fish. in the second quarter of the book he done something that I found slightly creepy and I wondered his obsession with the doctor opposite, it seemed to be more than just the connection he saw between the doctor and Pearl’s appearance. However my overall feeling about him was how strong he was. His mother left when he was about five, and he was bought up with his father, who is an alcoholic. He almost had seemed to give up on his own life, resigned to staying and earning money to pay the rent and bills, while his father just stayed at home, rather than making friends or going to college. It was heart breaking to see, but he stayed pretty strong throughout never showing vulnerability.
The conclusion of this book was fast paced and fascinating as all the clues fell into place. This book is a fantastic read and I cannot wait to get stuck into more books by Mary.
Published by: Mira
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Sleepless In Manhattan by Sarah Morgan


What if the person who broke your heart, is the only one who can help you find your future?
What if the person who broke your heart, is the only one who can help you find your future?
Great friends. Amazing Apartment. An incredible job. Paige has ticked off every box on perfect New York life checklist. Until disaster strikes and instead of shimming further up the career ladder, Paige is packing up her desk.
Her brother’s best friend Jake might be the only person who can help her put her life back together. He also happens to be the boy she spent her teen years pining after, and Paige is determined not repeat her past mistakes. But the more time she spends with Jake, the more Paige realises the one thing that was missing from her world all along. The perfect New York love story…


I’ve never read any of Sarah Morgan’s books before, which is amazing considering the genre I love and Sarah having wrote over 70 books. However I have heard great things about the ‘Puffin Island’ trilogy among others so when I saw her new book was set in New York (which if I haven’t been clear, I LOVE NEW YORK), it was only fitting that this should be the first book of Sarah’s I try.
I certainly could tell from the first few chapters, that I had been missing out. This book is an extreme pleasure to read. The book grabs you and embroil you in the city life, both when they are in Manhattan, but especially when they are on their rooftop garden in Brooklyn, relaxing with views to die for.
All three girls are all individual but have a great connection to both each other and to the reader. Sarah has a talent of just making you instantly feel like you’re one of the gang. This book focuses on Paige, fiercely independent, but sensitive at the same time. You also got the occasional chapter with the viewpoint of Jake, the hero of this story.
You instantly feel the chemistry between Paige and Jake, and while I loved them both, at times it was frustrating to hear Jake’s point of view when he was denying his blatant feelings for her, half because Paige was his best friend, Matt’s sister and he’d promised Matt not to, but while it may be weird at first, it’s not really that crazy and half because he doesn’t trust himself not to hurt her, which I found a little bit predictable, but not enough to put me off this book at all. I know I’ve said it before, but once again this couple are one that obviously were meant for each other and I found myself wanting to bang their heads together and make them see sense! That said the book would be pretty short if they realised it straight away and we’d miss out on all the fun in between.
Paige, as I said is independent, but with the help of Jake and her friends she took that independence and doesn’t let losing her job stand in her way to succeed. She sounded like the person everyone aims to be in her organisation skills.
Jake is the handsome and incredibly charming CEO of a software company, so he is smart and a good match for Paige. Despite being scared to get into a proper relationship, especially with someone he clearly likes, he seems like the perfect gentleman. Sensitive, charming and gets along with your best friends.
I loved the little sub-plot with Matilda, she was adorably cute and I hope she pops up again in the other books in the series.
This book was a great book to start with Sarah Morgan’s collection. Romance, friendships, laughs and emotion, this book had it all.
Published by: Mira
Gratefully received from the Publisher for review
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Coming Home by Annabel Kantaria


The darker the secrets, the closer they lie. 
An ordinary family. 
A devastating betrayal.

Evie has been away from home long enough to bury the pain that shaped her childhood.Now, with the sudden death of her father, she must return. Back to the same house. Back to the memories. Back to her mother.At first, coming home feels unexpectedly comforting. But, as she goes through her father’s files, Evie uncovers a secret that opens old wounds and changes her life forever.That’s only the beginning.As Evie’s world starts to shatter around her, she realises that those she loves most are also those capable of the deepest betrayal.